Ma vie en pilules (hellbent4carob) wrote,
Ma vie en pilules

Well, it's official.

Two weeks from today, I will be on a plane, going overseas for the first time ever.

I will be flying across the Atlantic ocean to a place no one in my family has ever gone (nor, they confess, would ever want to go). I have everything. I have my visa. I've got my round-trip ticket. I have all the prescribed vaccines. I've got room and board, as well as meals paid for.

Now... this IS the first time I will be leaving overseas. Come hell or high water, I will go. I've never had a chance like this. It would seem that every time I plan to go somewhere that's not the continental US, some kind of freak, unfortunate situation hops in my way, preventing me from leaving the country.

Not this time.

Finally, I will be leaving. I will be over there. I will be someplace else, far away from people I know.

I will be in Nigeria.

Maybe now I can get that former dictator's widow to quit sending me e-mails and help her get that money out of her account!
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