Ma vie en pilules (hellbent4carob) wrote,
Ma vie en pilules

Attention Jacksonvillian LJers

I just received a message this morning from an old friend of ours, the "Whitest Black Guy" ever needs help!

Yes, Dorian is coming back to Florida. And admit it. We all miss him, admit it! Well, his wife cheated on him and he's gone and left her, and is in need of a place to crash. I'm poor and I don't live in Jacksonville anymore, so I can't help out. But, do any of you kind souls have a place? He has means to support himself and is on the verge of landing a job, so you won't have to put up with him freeloading! He's all good for it!

I can pass along the info to his cell phone, if anyone is good for a place he can stay temporarily.

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