Ma vie en pilules (hellbent4carob) wrote,
Ma vie en pilules

The big three-one.

So, on Monday, I turned 31. I'm now older than 30. It was pretty cool, because for once, on my birthday, I did jack squat. I did nothing but hang around in bed all day. It was pretty nice.

Had a pretty good weekend before that, too, hanging out with Ruthie, who I haven't seen in forever. She asked me to run a new World of Darkness game...

So, I might as well. I'm tired of some of the drama my gaming groups usually have. If I'm going to run, it'll be tabletop only. With dice. Gasp!

So, shout out to all the Jacksonville White Wolf gamers: If you want me to run a game for you, tabletop, let me know, and all chip in for the main WoD corebook, and whatever game we want ran (I'm partial to the new Werewolf... hint! hint! But I'm willing to run anything). I'm desperately poor and prefer other games, so I won't invest my own money in the books. Hah!

Take care, everyone.
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