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The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players... On Ice!!!

I'd like to begin this entry with thanks to my good friend Swapna who purchased the tickets to see the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players last night. That was probably the nicest gift I've ever gotten. Funny enough, I was the only one on the club's list, so I felt like a total Trachtenburg geek. No matter, the family proved to be very, very nice and fun to chat with.

So, yesterday I woke up at 4:00 am and got ready for exams. After a quick breakfast, I drove to school to take my finals. I aced them. Easy enough. I start grad school next semester! Yay!

Anyway, after my exams, I hung around the Reitz Union until about 7:45 pm and went to Common Grounds to see the band. I napped in the parking lot until ten before the show. In line (I was the only one), I was approached by one of the many homeless people in Gainesville. She showed me her papers where she was diagnosed with HIV, was living at St. Francis House, and needed money for her medicine. I didn't have any money, save some very minimal pocket change. I gave it all to her and offered to give her a hug, which she accepted. I'm praying for her. I'm not one who cares very much whether someone'll use my donation for drugs or whatnot. It's not my job. I give what I can and pray they are truly helped by my change, or that Providence will provide a means to give them the desire and means to seek help.

But anyway, I got in the club, wishing I could get a cup of coffee, but having no money left to my name, I had to sacrifice. Ahh well, I still had a blast. The opening band was this strange duet called "Ching Chong Song". I dunno what to make of them. The guy played the keyboard, the girl played the singing saw. It was rather dissonant, but the cute guy next to me commented on how he liked them. I admit, they were original, but I'm not terribly sure I could groove to a song that repeated, "I wanna fuck the landlord!" over and over. Maybe I'm just not seeing something.

Well, after Ching Chong Song, the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players made their appearance. I can only describe them in one word: Fun. They were very fun. They had the stage decorated in tacky Christmas junk and slideshow boxes all over. In between songs, they had little skits which were very, and on purpose, badly acted. It had a quirky, kitschy charm that I adored.

They opened with my favorite song, "Look at me!". I think that's their most inspired song. In truth, I didn't get any sleep last night, so I couldn't remember other of their songs off-hand, but I enjoyed the entire show very much, and I will plan to see them whenever they're in town.

After the show, I got to chat with them a bit. They're vegans, and I informed them of the Hare Krishna temple in town, in which they all bubbled up in glee. They gave me a bunch of free paraphernalia, and signed their show flier, a delightfully tacky photocopied collage. And it inspired me as to what I can make for Swapna's Ethiopian Christmas gift...
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